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The Photoshop CS2 Book for Digital Photographers

Goes directly to the core My rating: 4/5 Visual aesthetics doesn’t come easy for me. Although my sense for what’s good and what’s not isn’t all that bad, I have a hard time making my graphical creations look good. That’s probably why I never bothered to learn using a decent image editor. I decided to […]

I Am Legend

Will Smith delivers My rating: 3/5 I have a week spot for this catastrophe threatens to wipe out humanity type of movies. When it comes to this particular one I’m divided. In some ways it’s fantastic with great effects and really good acting and feeling, but, there is something that’s bothering me about it. I […]

Agile Software Development with Scrum

This book is all you need if you want to learn Scrum My rating: 4/5 Scrum is an incredibly simple, yet extremely effective software development model. We’ve been applying it successfully at work for a good part of 2008 and I recommend it for teams that want to boost performance and increase customer collaboration. Agile […]

My Job Went To India

A must read for all Software Developers My rating: 4/5 I bought this book to “lighten up” an order of several other books on heavier topics. Well, good thing I did since Chad Fowler‘s book turned out to be the most valuable of them all. To me My Job Went to India was as a […]

The Art of Happiness

Lovely book on the biggest question of them all My rating: 4/5 This is a lovely little book. Dalai Lama on the Meaning of Life, presented and filtered through the eyes of a western psychologist. Howard C. Cutler has based the book on conversations he’s had with the refugee Tibetan ruler. With great respect and […]

Eastern Promises

Interesting new angle to old concept, but poorly done My rating: 2/5 This movie has all the basic ingredients found in almost all other films in this genre (evil mafia, this time Russian), although it serves them in a slightly different and interesting way. Unfortunately the acting is not very convincing. Especially the Russian characters […]

Maya Cosmogenesis 2012

New Age influences ruins otherwise interesting book My rating: 2/5 I bought this book thinking it was the English original version of a book my father in law was reading in Turkish. It turned out it wasn’t, but since the topics were similar I gave it a shot. The so called Long Count calendar invented […]

88 Minutes

Don’t waste your time on this one My rating: 1/5 I really like Al Pacino. No one does the Tough Cop With Plenty of Problems Character better than he. In 88 minutes he plays it again, although this time in the shape of a forensic psychologist, and in a movie that sucks – big time. […]