Agile Estimating and Planning

A solid foundation My rating: 4/5 This title differs from other litterature I’ve read in that it goes right to the heart of agile, the planning process, and covers it in more depth than any other book on the subject. I found the chapters on estimating really useful, the advantages and disadvantages of using story […]

The Pragmatic Programmer

A somewhat shallow “classic” My rating: 3/5 The Pragmatic Programmer is supposed to be a classic read. Even Steve Yegge has put this book on top of his top ten programming books list. This is one of my favorite books on programming, although I burned through it in about 3 or 4 hours, and didn’t […]

Agile Software Development with Scrum

This book is all you need if you want to learn Scrum My rating: 4/5 Scrum is an incredibly simple, yet extremely effective software development model. We’ve been applying it successfully at work for a good part of 2008 and I recommend it for teams that want to boost performance and increase customer collaboration. Agile […]

My Job Went To India

A must read for all Software Developers My rating: 4/5 I bought this book to “lighten up” an order of several other books on heavier topics. Well, good thing I did since Chad Fowler‘s book turned out to be the most valuable of them all. To me My Job Went to India was as a […]